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Gachi Gapshida! (We Go Together!): The Entangled History Between the U.S. and Korea

The United States and Korea share a long history of cooperation based on mutual trust, common strategic goals, and shared values of liberal democracy, free trade, and human rights. Surveying the shared history between Korea and the U.S. from the late 19th century to recent years, this session discusses how the relationship between these countries has evolved from enemies to friends to allies, which constitutes the linchpin for democracy, peace, and prosperity in Asia.

Friday, Oct. 1
Zoom Meeting

This event is part of UHCL's Friday Morning Continuing Education Program. Your first class includes a $26 membership fee, plus an $18 class fee ($44 total). Each additional class will be $18. Be sure to access the full fall schedule, and register today!


Zoom Meeting

2700 Bay Area Boulevard
Houston, TX 77058

Friday, October 01, 2021


Christine M. Paul

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