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Purchasing-Supply Chain Management Certificate Program: Supplier Financial Analysis & Risk

The analysis of a supplier or contractor's financials is not simple when assessing their financial strength and profitability. Rather, the analysis is to determine whether a supplier should even be considered for a purchasing or supply management decision. This session is not meant to teach just financial analysis but exactly how and why such evaluation needs to be viewed from the eyes of determining risk and supplier capabilities. The session will identify what parts of analysis are essential for a buyer to understand to ensure key components of a supplier's financials. Do they have enough cash to buy inventory and pay their workers, have to borrow money to acquire equipment, have a positive cash flow, and have a good net profitability on sales.

This session will provide participants with tools to conduct simple assessments, build an alert or trigger sheet, learn key ratios to review, understand how to determine a company's risk for bankruptcy, and effect a safe and secure selection of supplier's financial capabilities.

This knowledge is critical for any buyer, supervisor, supplier selection team, manager, and supply chain manager tasked with identifying, qualifying, sourcing and selecting suppliers to enlist into the company supply base.

Costs for the course are $995 for two sessions and group discounts are available for $895. You must attend both class meetings to complete the course. Participants should bring a calculator to class.


University of Houston-Clear Lake

2700 Bay Area Boulevard
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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

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